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Beverage Tube

Description: Beverage tubing is manufactured from materials compliant with FDA and AS2070°For food and beverage contact applications. This highly flexible tubing offers excellent resistance to cracking and impact along with a glass like clarity and smooth bore to provide ideal flow characteristics for a variety of food and beverage applications. The tubing is used by all major brewers and beverage installers nationwide and is commonly found in Post-Mix and BIB installations. All Ledavin products are charged with an inert gas and the ends of the coils are plugged during manufacture to prevent any oxidation or contamination during storage.

Main Applications:

– Transfer of beer, soft drinks, potable water and juices
– Visual monitoring of fluid flow
– Low pressure transfer of solids and gases
– Very low out gassing- will not impart odour or taste to fluids
– Where high flexibility and tight bend radii are required


– Taste tested to confirm “no taint” to carried fluids
– High flexibility
– Very resilient to impact and kink
– Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
– FDA approved
– Phthalate and BPA free


specific Gravity: 0.885 +/- 0.02

Tensile Strength: 17.5 MPa

Hydraulic Burst Pressure: 10 Bar / 150 Psi


Part Number Description
30-BT06 Leda Beverage Tube 6mm ID
30-BT12 Leda Beverage Tube 12.7mm ID
30-BT19 Leda Beverage Tube 19mm ID