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Brass Airline Elbow

Airline Fittings, DZR Brass, NZ Made

Description: airline fittings provide unparalleled security against the hose pulling off the barb. They are available in sizes ranging from 3/16″ to 1″, and are manufactured from high quality DZR brass alloy.

Advantages: Almost impossible to pull hose off. The 6° barbs give exceptional sealing properties, while the end bead provides a shoulder preventing any longitudinal movement of the hose. For added integrity two hose clips may be used.

Applications: Use with all rubber, plastic and other flexible hoses. Generally used where lower pressures (750 kPa) are encountered, although with the correct selection of hose and clamp, higher pressures can be accommodated.

Working Pressure: AirLine Fittings should be used where lower pressures exist (1000 kPa [145 PSI] maximum).


Part Number Description Size Range
44-20403 Titon Airline Elbow 3/16 3/16″
44-20404 Titon Airline Elbow 1/4 1/4″
44-20405 Titon Airline Elbow 5/16 5/16″
44-20406 Titon Airline Elbow 3/8 3/8″
44-20408 Titon Airline Elbow 1/2 1/2″
44-20410 Titon Airline Elbow 5/8 5/8″
44-20412 Titon Airline Elbow 3/4 3/4″