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Claw Coupling Type B Male BSP

Claw Coupling Type B Male BSP
Type: Claw Coupling Type A Male BSP

Applications: Claw couplings are universal hose couplings that provides quick, safe and reliable connections. Claw couplings are designed with a common or universal claw which enables differing hose sizes and nominal bore sizes to be connected. Claw couplings are most commonly used for conveying air and water and are not to be used for steam applications.

Industry Applications: underground and surface mining, mineral processing, compressor and air tool industries, hire companies.

Use: Standard coupling heads ensure the interchangeability of all sizes, regardless of whether the mating coupling is male, female or hose tail.

Working Pressure: 150 PSI


Part Number Description Size
56-B010M Type B Male BSP 10mm 10mm
56-B013M Type B Male BSP 13mm 13mm
56-B019M Type B Male BSP 19mm 19mm
56-B025M Type B Male BSP 25mm 25mm