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Equal Tee

Prevost Conex Fittings – Polymer – Push In Fitting

INSTALLATION Safe, easy installation Interior and exterior hex flange; Tapered or parallel thread with gasket Swivel body on polymer range

CONNECTION Easy to connect by simply pushing the tube into the coupling

DISCONNECTION Easy handling Disconnection by pressing the disconnection bush, which pushes the lugs and frees the tube from the coupling; Responsive self-positioning ring system

IMMEDIATE SEAL Teflon-coated tapered thread NBR gasket in bottom of groove on cylindrical thread

TUBE RETENTION Excellent grip of tube in coupling, Stainless steel prongs, Excellent grip on outside of tube

RESISTANCE Vibration resistance, Excellent connection, even in particularly difficult conditions (vibrations, alignment problems)

Type of fluid: Compressed air

Service pressure: 0 to 10 bar 0 to 150 PSI

Service temperature: 0 to 60°C 32 to 140°F


Part Number Description
62-RPTET0404 EQUAL TEE PIECE Polymer 4-4
62-RPTET0606 EQUAL TEE PIECE Polymer 6-6
62-RPTET1212 EQUAL TEE PIECE Polymer 12-12