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Gate Valve

Brass Gate Valve

Technical features: Suitable for domestic water services and heating plants

Minimum and maximum working temperature: -20°C, 120°C in absence of steam

Available: in all sizes from 1/2″ up to 2″.

Valve Body: Brass

Handle: Cast Iron

Stem: Brass

Seat: Brass

Bonnet: Brass

O-Ring: P.T.F.E


Part Number Name
65-5013 Gate Valve Br 13mm -EH1203
65-5019 Gate Valve Br 19mm-EH1203
65-5025 Gate Valve Br 25mm-EH1203
65-5032 Gate Valve Br 32mm-EH1203
65-5038 Gate Valve Br 38mm-EH1203
65-5051 Gate Valve Br 51mm-EH1203
65-5065 Gate Valve Br 65mm-EH1203
65-5076 Gate Valve Br 76mm-EH1203
65-5102 Gate Valve Br 102mm-EH1203