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Hot Wash Stainless Steel Washdown Nozzle 70°

Hot Wash Nozzle Stainless Steel 13 mm, 70°

Pressure – max. 24 bar

Temperature – max. 70°C Flow rate – max. 100 l/min Inlet – 1/2″ BSP

  •  Material case – plastics, blue
  •  Heavy duty cast SS body
  •  All ‘O’-Rings and covers in EPDM
  • Insulated molded grip for spraying hot or cold water
  •  Trigger and operating mechanism in S/S
  •  Trigger rubber covered to protect hands from heat
  •  Handle has rubber collar at the top to protect hands from heat
  •  1/2″ BSP female inlet as standard
  •  Maximum working pressure 24 Bar (350 psi)
  •  Maximum working temperature 95°C
  •  Hold-open clip for continuous spraying
  •  Weight approx. 970 grams
  •  Water jet adjustable from a cone to a jet
  •  Clear arrow to show water beam direction


Part Number Description Size Range
85-3013 Hot Wash Nozzle 13mm SS(70 Deg) 13mm