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Koshin Trash Pump


Excellent Seal Durability:
Conventional mechanical seal using carbon ceramic is replaced by silicon carbide (SiC) seal. SiC seal is developed by Koshin and we are the first manufacturer to use such durable material in Japan.
Thoughtful Design:
Special plug designed on impeller allows easy removal.
Simply insert any rod and twist to separate impeller from its casing.
No special tool required.
Light Weight and Compact Design:
Conventional trash pumps are very bulky and heavy, some more than 100 kg in weight. KTR-100X, the largest of all, weights only 81 kg.
The compact design takes up smaller space and is portable.
High Self-Priming Performance:
Special structure is designed to ensure high capacity self-priming performance. Koshin trash pumps give excellent performance and durability.
Designed for trash water applications with solids up to 27mm.

Model KTH-80X KTH-100X
Connection Dia 80mm (3″) 100mm (4″)
Connection Thread Outer Pipe Thread Outer Pipe Thread
Total Head 27m (89 ft) 30m (98 ft)
Delivery Volume 1340 L/min (354USG/min) 2000 L/min (528USG/min)
Max. Suction Head 8m (26 ft) 8m (26 ft)
Material for Mechanical Seal S°C (Silicon Carbide) x SiC S°C (Silicon Carbide) x SiC
Material for Impeller Hi-Chrome Hi-Chrome
Material for Volute Spheroidal Graphite Iron Castings Spheroidal Graphite Iron Castings
Type Forced Air Cooling 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine Forced Air Cooling 4 Stroke
Gasoline Engine
Model Honda GX240 Honda GX390
Exhaust Volume 242 cc 389 cc
Rated Output 4.4 kW (6.0 PS) / 3600 rpm 7.0 kW (9.5 PS) / 3600 rpm
Max. Output 5.3 kW (7.2 PS) / 3600 rpm 8.7 kW (11.8 PS) / 3600 rpm
Fuel 4 Stroke Unleaded Gasoline 4 Stroke Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3 L 6.1 L
Continuous Operating Time Approx. 2 hrs 30 min Approx. 2 hrs
Starting Method Recoil Starter Recoil Starter
Standard Acessories 1 Strainer, 2 Hose Couplings, 3 Hose Bands, 1 Engine Tool Set
Gross Weight 63 kg 80 kg
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 721 x 516 x 586 745 x 540 x 600
Packing Unit 1

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Part Number Name
91-KTH-80X Koshin Trash Pump 80mm Honda GX240
91-KTH-100x Koshin Trash Pump 100mm Honda GX340