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LPG Orange Band

Rubber – LPG Hose

‘Orange Band’ Liquid Petroleum Gas hose to EN 1762. For propane, butane and their mixtures to EN 589. As the hose lining is resistant to diffusion the hose is also suitable for natural gas. Not suitable for ammonia. Rugged and long-lasting construction with low tensile braids.

Permitted working pressure: 25 bar,

Burst pressure: > 100 bar.

Temperature range: – 40°C up to + 70°C ( Special type LPG-LT does not crack down to – 50°C ).

Approved by DVGW, approval No. DG-4621 AU 0049.

Application: As reel hose for supplies to domestic and industrial storage tanks, as pump hose for vehicle refuelling, for bulk loading and unloading from rail tankers, road tankers and ships. For special suction / pressure operation needs the type LPGS with stainless steel helix is available on request. * )

Please Note: marking of LPG 10 ( BUTAPAL 10 ) with longitudinal orange stripe.

Marking: orange bands every 2,5 mtr.. Continuous, abrasion resistant embossing as specified in the EN standard 1762

Lining: Nitrile rubber ( NBR ), black, electrically conductive, diffusion resistant

Reinforcements: Textile braids with 2 crossed tinned copper strands

Cover: Chloroprene ( CR ), black, electro. conductive, flame and abrasion resistant, ozone, UV and ageing resistant


Part Number Description ID OD Working Pressure Test Pressure Vacuum Bend Radius Coil Length
mm mm bar bar bar mm m
10-5210 Hose LPG Band 10mm 10 20 25 40 0.8 70 40
10-5213 Hose LPG Band 13mm 13 23 25 40 0.5 80 40