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Pharmapress Braided High Temp Food Grade

Features: flexible hose made by Thermoplastic rubber and reinforced by high tenacity polyester yarn. Inside and outside completely smooth to enhance flow properties and to allow easy cleaning and sterilization processes. Developed to be used in the pharmaceutical industry according to USP CALSS VI. Food grade according to the European 2002/72/CE norm, classes A, B, C, D (fatty food and milky products); food grade also according to FDA regulations (Title 21°CFR 177.1680 e 177.2600). Odorless, it doesn’t change the organoleptical properties of the delivered materials. Very good hydrolysis and microbes resistance. Flexible and not heavy though its wall thickness. Good resistance to mineral oils and chemicals, excellent resistance to ozone, weather and aging. Halogen free and conform to RoHS regulations. Instead of a conventional silicone hose, Pharma press do not need any vulcanization process, allowing to save energy sources and to limit CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

The hose can be sterilized in autoclave at 121°C.

Temperature range: -30°C + 100°C

Colour: transparent with white yarn

Application: delivery of liquids, substances and fluid in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Delivery of food materials, even if fatty. For drinks like wine, vinegar, spirits with max 50% alcohol content.


Part Number Description ID OD Working Pressure Bend Radius Length
mm mm bar mm m
21-75013 Pharmapress Braided 13mm 13 20.1 11 60 100
21-75016 Pharmapress Braided 16mm 16 24.4 10 80 50
21-75020 Pharmapress Braided 20mm 20 27.9 9 100 50
21-75025 Pharmapress Braided 25mm 25 34.5 7 130 50