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Philmac Check Valve


Multi-position Installation: The valves have been designed to work in either a vertical (with water moving in an upwards direction) or horizontal position for flexible installation.
BSP Inlet Threads: The Rural and Irrigation sectors use British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads as a standard. Philmac also uses these thread types across the valve range to ensure compatibility with other threaded fittings and make installation easy.
Flow Identification: The body is clearly marked with an arrow to indicate the direction of flow of water.


Reliable Operation: Consistent high quality injection moulded plastic bodies and components plus Nitrile O-rings and a stainless steel spring means years of reliable operation.
Corrosion Resistant: with a plastic body and components, nitrile O-rings and a 316 stainless steel spring, all components are made from high quality corrosion resistant materials.


Manufactured from advanced Thermoplastic materials: Philmac non-return valves are manufactured from lightweight high performance Thermoplastic materials, which have excellent impact, UV and corrosion resistance. The material is non-toxic and taint free.
High pressure rating: Non-return valves are rated to a pressure of 1400 kPa (200 psi) (STATIC shutoff) at 20°Celsius to meet the requirements of high pressure systems.
Low pressure shutoff: Non-return valves are designed to seal off at 20 kPa of pressure making them well suited to gravity feed systems.



Part Number Name
58-7PCV20 Philmac Check Valve 20mm
58-7PCV25 Philmac Check Valve 25mm
58-7PCV32 Philmac Check Valve 32mm
58-7PCV40 Philmac Check Valve 40mm
58-7PCV50 Philmac Check Valve 50mm