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Piusi Box Dispensers


Description: Quite often the hard environmental conditions can potentially threaten the re-fuelling operation o OTR equipment and vehicles.
PIUSIBOX project is the answer to the need of re-fuelling quickly and safety in almost place.

An important support for the reliability and long last life of your equipments.

Technical specifications:
– powerful and reliable self-priming transfer pump capable of delivering 45 l/min, complete with cables and switch.
Delivery hose and pump nozzle.
Suction hose with foot valve.


Part Number Description Fluids Flow Rate Voltage Pump Duty Cycle Filter Cartridge Nozzle Delivery Hose Suction Hose Foot Valve
Type l/min gpm AC V/Hz DC Volt Power Watt Amp Max mod min type 5/8″ 3/4″ mod. Vantage
94-F0023100B Piusibox 12V Basic D 45 11.9 12 260 22 BP 3000 30 No No Man. 4m 2m Yes