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Polyethylene Tube

Description: Polyethylene offers excellent resistance to stress cracking. The smooth bore tubing does not impart any taste or odor into the fluids being transferred. Ledathene is a flexible and easy to handle tubing ideal for recirculating glycol lines and python style tubing bundles.

Material Properties:

specific Gravity 0.92 +/- 0.02
Tensile Strength 17.0 MPa
Temperature Range -20 to 60 °C

Hydraulic Burst Pressure (minimum) 3000 kPa (450 PSI) @ 20 °C
Nominal Working Pressure 1000 kPa (150 PSI) @ 20 °C

Hydraulic Burst Pressure (minimum) 2000 kPa (300 PSI) @ 20 °C
Nominal Working Pressure 670 kPa (100 PSI) @ 20 °C


Part Number Description
30-4004 Polyethylene Tube 4mm Natural
30-4005 Polyethylene Tube 5mm Natural
30-4006 Polyethylene Tube 6mm Natural
30-4008 Polyethylene Tube 8mm Natural
30-4010 Polyethylene Tube 10mm Natural
30-4012 Polyethylene Tube 12mm Natural
30-6106B Polyurethane Tube 6mm Blue
30-6108 Polyurethane Tube 8mm Natural
30-6108B Polyurethane Tube 8mm Blue
30-6108R Polyurethane Tube 8mm Red
30-6112BK Polyurethane Tube 12mm Black