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Rectus 21KA Series

Air/Water Coupling – Brass/Stainless Steel Single Shut-Off

Technical Description: Mini industrial coupling, internationally the most common profile for this nominal diameter, in double shut-off design. Above average flow performance for liquid and gaseous media. Large band width in materials and valve variants.

Advantages: Single handed operation. Small dimensions. Reliable design.

Working Pressure: PB = 35 bar, maximum STATIC working pressure with safety factor of 4 to 1

Working Temperature*

-20°C up to +100°C (NBR)

-40°C up to +120/150°C (EPDM)

-15°C up to +200°C (FKM)

0°C up to +316°C (FFKM)

depending on the medium.

*At a temperature below -20°C and above +100°C special seals are available on request.


Part Number Description Size
59-2103CF Rectus 21 Coupler 1/8″ FBSP 1/8″
59-2103CM Rectus 21 Coupler 1/8″ MBSP 1/8″
59-2103CMSN Rectus 21 Coupler 1/8″ MBSP Nickel Plated 1/8″
59-2103PM Rectus 21 Plug 1/8″ Mbsp 1/8″
59-2103PF Rectus 21 Plug 1/8″ FBSP 1/8″
59-2106CF Rectus 21 Coupler 1/4″ FBSP 1/4″
59-2106CM Rectus 21 Coupler 1/4″ MBSP 1/4″
59-2106PF Rectus 21 Plug 1/4″ FBSP 1/4″
59-2106PH Rectus 21 Plug 6mm Hosetail 6mm
59-2106PM Rectus 21 Plug 1/4″ MBSP 1/4″
59-2106CH Rectus 21 Coupler 6mm Hosetail 6mm
59-2106CT Rectus 21 Coupler 6mm Tube 6mm
59-2106PT Rectus 21 Plug 6mm Tube 6mm
59-2108CH Rectus 21 Coupler 8mm Hosetail 8mm
59-2108CT Rectus 21 Coupler 8mm Tube 8mm
59-2108PH Rectus 21 Plug 8mm H/tail 8mm
59-2108PT Rectus 21 Plug 8mm Tube 8mm
59-2110CF Rectus 21 Coupler 10mm FBSP 10mm
59-2110PF Rectus 21 Plug 10mm FBSP 10mm
59-2110PH Rectus 21 Plug 10mm Hosetail 10mm