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Rectus 95KS Series

Safety, Air Breathing

Description: The 95KS coupling system has a safety lock. To disconnect, the plug must first be pushed further into the coupling before it can be unlocked. This prevents unintentional disconnection.

Advantages: Disconnecting the safety coupling is only possible after the plug has first been pushed further into the coupling. Cannot be interconnected with the 96KS series. Single handed operation with a multitude of connecting possibilities. High flow rates due to the UltraFlo valve. Tested according EN 139 standard.

Working Pressure: PB = 35 bar, maximum static
working pressure with safety
factor of 4 to 1.

Working Temperature*

-20°C up to +100°C (NBR)
-40°C up to +120/150°C (EPDM)
-15°C up to +200°C (FKM)
0°C up to +316°C (FFKM)
depending on the medium.

*At a temperature below -20°C and above +100°C special seals are available on request


Part Number Description
59-9506 CF Rectus 95 Coupling 1/4″ FBSP Brass
59-9506 PF Rectus 95 Plug 1/4″ FBSP Nikle Plat
59-9506 PM Rectus 95 Plug 1/4″ MBSP Nikle Plat