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Rubber Expansion Joints – Single Sphere Connectors

Food Grade Rubber Expansion Joint

May be used both for suction and delivery Because of the excellent moulding technique combined with tough chemical fibres it may be used at a bursting pressure of over 850 p.s.i. and within a normal internal pressure of 225 p.s.i. In addition, since it can satisfactorily withstand the force for creating a vacuum it may be used on both the delivery and the suction sides. Also, since its carcass is of special spherical type, and it will not come in contact with the connecting bolt head even if it expands, this connector may be used with a sense of security even when subjected to high pressures. Easy installation on piping Since its carcass is soft and can be readily deformed, pipe connections can be quickly and readily completed despite some misalignment.

Other advantages and effects

– Need neither gasket nor packing.

– Since the flange is a sort of loose fit type, it can be installed on pipes without difficulty.

– Since it absorbs the elongation and contraction of pipes caused by variations in temperature, it prevents the piping system and equipment from breaking down.

– It absorbs the pulsation of water and prevents water hammering to some extent.

– When pipes made of different engineering materials are connected with this connector, it prevents them from developing electrolyt°C corrosion.