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Safety Bump Camlock Dust Plug

Safety Bump Camlock Dust Plug

The advantage of Safety Bump Camlock Dust Plug:

– Provide comfortable handle that allows easy handling of hoses without injury.

– Safety Bumps extend over the outside diameter of standard camlocks which prevent the hose camlock from hitting the ground when the hose is dragged or dropped, thus protecting the hose camlock from becoming egg-shaped and reducing damage to the levers.

Safety Bumps are made from a composite blend of resin and glass reinforcement for additional strength. Sizes Available 51mm, 76mm and 102mm.


Part Number Description Size
54-05108PF Safety Bump Dust Plug 51mm PP Fuel 51mm
54-05608PF Safety Bump Dust Plug 76mm PP Fuel 76mm
54-05208PF Safety Bump Dust Plug 102mm PP Fuel 102mm