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Slimline Petrol Hose

Type: Slimline With black (standard) or coloured cover.

Features: Colours stable against weathering and UV light; special colours possible. Due to their smooth cover and high flexibility, all Slimline hoses are well suitable for MPD hose retraction systems. Mandrel production, vulcanisation in a plastic cover. Long lasting premium quality, Made in Germany.

SLIMLINE quality petrol pump hoses for gasoline and diesel fuels.

Also suitable for fuels with ethanol content up to E 85 and Biodiesel up to B30 (BIO Type up to B100).
Meets weights and measures regulations. Cold flexible down to -30°C/-22°F ( LT-type down to -40°C/-40°F).
Correspond to EN 1360, respectively EN 13483.

Lining : Nitrile rubber (NBR), black, seamlessly extruded, electrically dissipative, no discolouration

Reinforcements: Two low tensile textile braids with crossed, interwoven conductivity strands

Cover: smooth, UV and ozone resistant, oil resistant, highly abrasion resistant.


Part Number Description Diameter
Part Number Description mm
10-4716 Slimline Petrol Hose 16mm 16mm
10-4719 Slimline Petrol Hose 19mm 19mm
10-4725 Slimline Petrol Hose 25mm 25mm