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Tema T Series

The TEMA Standard Series is characterised by a low pressure drop and maximum flow capacity. The coupling system is available as double shut-off or straight through version. The 2500 can be used also as a single shut-off version. Super Nipple Increased hardening for better wear resistance.

Advantages: Straight-through minimum pressure drop. Double safety through a double O-ring seal. A safety closing ring prevents unintentional uncoupling. Corrosion resistant. Compact dimensions. Pressure eliminator for coupling and plug available. With pressure eliminator, can be coupled up to operating pressure.

Working Temperature*

-30°C up to +100°C (NBR)

-25°C up to +200°C (FKM)

Depending on the medium.

*At a temperature below -40°C and above +200°C special seals are available on request.


Part Number Description
59-00231080 Tema Coupler 2310V 1/8 BSPF
59-00232080 Tema Plug 2310V 1/8 BSPF
59-00251070 Tema Coupler 2510V 1/4 BSPF
59-00252080 Tema Plug 2520V 1/4 BSPF
59-00381080 Tema Coupler 3810V 3/8 BSPF
59-00382080 Tema Plug 3820V 3/8 BSPF
59-00501080 Tema Coupler 5010V 1/2 BSPF
59-00502080 Tema Plug 5020V 1/2 BSPF
59-00751080 Tema Coupler 7510V 3/4 BSPF
59-00752080 Tema Plug 7520V 3/4 BSPF
59-01001080 Tema Coupler 100100V 1″ BSPF
59-01002080 Tema Plug 10020V 1″ BSPF