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Victoria Red Steam Hose

Application: steel cord hose for saturated steam at a maximum working pressure 18 bar (261psi), used in the chemical industry, petrochemical and industrial applications in general. Not recommended for steam cleaner. The hose can be used for peaks of superheated steam at 230°C and at 18 bar. Attention: the use of superheated steam reduces the hose life. For longer life drain after use

Temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) to +210°C (+410°F).

Tube: black, smooth, EPDM rubber, resistant to saturated steam

Reinforcement: inserts of steel wire

Cover: red, pin pricked, smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM rubber with excellent resistance to high temperatures, weathering, abrasion and ageing.

Branding: embossed marking IVG Steam Victoria

Also available upon request: 1.Different diameters 2. Black cover.


Part Number Description
10-6113 X – C Rubber Steam Hose (250) 13MM
10-6119 X – B Rubber Steam Hose (250) 19MM
10-6125 X – C Rubber Steam Hose (250) 25MM
10-6132 X – D Rubber Steam Hose (250) 32MM