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Band-It Junior Performed Clamps

Band It Jr. Preformed Clamps are vibration resistant and require no hammering or crimping. It is automatically locked in one simple lever movement. BAND-ITJr. Preformed clamps are available in 201 Stainless Steel. BAND-ITJr. Smooth ID Clamps can be used on a variety of industrial hoses in transportation environments including fuel, liquid and chemical transport hoses, vacuum truck hoses, marine hoses, waste-water hoses, rail and light rail hoses.

The smooth inside diameter produces a uniform clamping surface to prevent leak paths while the lower profile reduces the risk of snags when dragging industrial hose assemblies


Part Number Description
70-JS201 Bandit JS201 P/Clamp 10*21 SS
70-JS202 Bandit JS202 P/Clamp 10*35 SS
70-JS203 Bandit JS203 P/Clamp 13*25 SS
70-JS204 Bandit JS204 P/Clamp 13*32 SS
70-JS205 Bandit JS205 P/Clamp 16*38 SS
70-JS206 Bandit JS206 P/Clamp 16*44 SS
70-JS207 Bandit JS207 P/Clamp 16*51 SS
70-JS208 Bandit JS208 P/Clamp 16*57 SS
70-JS209 Bandit JS209 P/Clamp 16*64 SS
70-JS210 Bandit JS210 P/Clamp 19*70 SS
70-JS211 Bandit JS211 P/Clamp 19*76 SS
70-JS212 Bandit JS212 P/Clamp 19*89 SS
70-JS213 Bandit JS213 P/Clamp 19*102 SS
70-JS214 Bandit JS214 P/Clamp 19*114 SS
70-JS215 Bandit JS215 P/Clamp 19*127 SS
70-JS216 Bandit JS216 P/Clamp 19*152 SS
70-JS217 Bandit JS217 P/Clamp 19*165 SS
70-JS230 Bandit JS230 P/Clamp 13*70 SS
70-JS236 Bandit JS236 P/Clamp 13*44 SS
70-JS237 Bandit JS237 P/Clamp 13*51 SS
70-JS240 Bandit JS240 P/Clamp 6*20 SS
70-JS241 Bandit JS241 P/Clamp 6*35 SS
70-JS242 Bandit JS242 P/Clamp 6*25 SS
70-JS243 Bandit JS243 P/Clamp 10*25 SS
70-JS244 Bandit JS244 P/Clamp 6*76 SS
70-JS245 Bandit JS245 P/Clamp 10*51 SS
70-JS246 Bandit JS246 P/Clamp 10*76 SS
70-JS248 Bandit JS248 P/Clamp 10*102 SS
70-JS249 Bandit JS249 P/Clamp 13*102 SS
70-JS250 Bandit JS250 P/Clamp 19*145 SS
70-JS252 Bandit JS252 P/Clamp 6*38 SS
70-JS253 Bandit JS253 P/Clamp 6*51 SS
70-JS256 Bandit JS256 P/Clamp 6*70 SS
70-JS257 Bandit JS257 P/Clamp 6*89 SS
70-JS309 Bandit JS309 P/Clamp 16*64 “CS”