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Damesa 2 Ear Clamps (SS)

Type: Stainless Steel 2 ear clamps

The ears of these clamps do not have a dimple and nearly double the clamping range, compared to the 1-ear clamp. 2 ears provide a degree of elasticity to accommodate changes in size of the parts being joined, such as that which may be caused by thermal expansion or vibration.


Part Number Description
73-SS20507 2 ear 5-7ss
73-SS20709 2 ear 7-9ss
73-SS21113 2 ear 11-13ss
73-SS21315 2 ear 13-15ss
73-SS21517 2 ear 15-17ss
73-SS21518 2 ear 15-18ss
73-SS21720 2 ear 17-20ss
73-SS21922 2 ear 19-22ss
73-SS22023 2 ear 20-23ss
73-SS22225 2 ear 22-25ss
73-SS22327 2 ear 23-27ss
73-SS22831 2 ear 28-31ss
73-SS23134 2 ear 31-34ss
73-SS23740 2 ear 37-40ss