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Brass Flare Plug

Flare Fitting, DZR Brass, NZ Made

Description: Flare Fittings are manufactured especially with hazardous liquids and gases in mind. They are available in sizes ranging from 1/8″ to 3/4″, and are manufactured from high quality DZR grade brass alloy. All flare fittings conform to the following standards: AS D26, AS3688, AG 601-1995, NZG 1993/76.

Industrial Type : Use with copper, brass, aluminium, and flareable steel pipe. Install where medium to high pressures are encountered. Flare Fittings, when used with the Long Flare Nut, provide good resistance to vibration.

Ideal for use with fuel, oil, air, water and Natural Gas lines. In Applications where temperatures extremes are encountered we recommend the use of stress-relieved fittings.

Please contact our technical sales department for more information.


Part Number Description Size Range
44-39P04 Titon Flare Plug 1/4 1/4”
44-39P05 Titon Flare Plug 5/16 5/16”
44-39P06 Titon Flare Plug 3/8 3/8”
44-39P08 Titon Flare Plug 1/2 1/2”
44-39P10 Titon Flare Plug 5/8 5/8”