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Philmac Ball Valve

Polypropylene Ball Valve

Key Properties

– PN16 operating performance

– UV Stabilised glass filled nylon body

– up to 2″ sizes with double ended female BSP inlets, male x female BSP threads

– Meets AS/NZS 4020 standard for drinking water

– Handle rotates 90° between open and closed position. Purple handled versions are available for recycled water applications

– Easy grip, non-slip handle

Features & Benefits

– Proven dependable design for many years of trouble-free operation and features

– Fully UV stabilised materials to resist degradation from the sun

– Meets AS/NZS 4020 so can be used on tanks for drinking water

– Compact size for easy installation in restricted spaces

– Designed to have a smooth flow path when male end connectors and threaded fittings are used

– Corrosion and impact resistant materials for a long field life

– Dual o-rings located on spindle for superior sealing performance

Threads: All threads are BSP (Whitworth form).

Maximum Operating Pressure: 1600 kPa (232psi) or 16 bar.

Sealing threads: Philmac recommends sealing threads with PTFE tape. Other approved sealants for plastic materials can be used providing the sealant does not enter the valve where it may cause damage.

Operating temperature: The ball valve is 1600kPa rated at 20°C.

Weathering: All plastic materials used contain pigments to provide excellent protection against degradation from ultra-violet (UV) radiation.



Part Number Name
65-75015 Philmac Ball Valve 15mm
65-75020 Philmac Ball Valve 20mm
65-75025 Philmac Ball Valve 25mm
65-75032 Philmac Ball Valve 32mm
65-75038 Philmac Ball Valve 38mm
65-75051 Philmac Ball Valve 51mm