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Piusi CUBE 70 MC Fuel Transfer Dispensers

Diesel fuel dispenser for non commercial use. Sturdy structure designed for different applications: can be fixed to walls, tanks cisterns, drums, special pedestals. Self-priming vane pump fitted with bypass, installed on anti-vibration supports. Mechanical seal. Induction motor fitted with thermal motor overload protection.

Automatic nozzle with swivel connection. Integrated nozzle holder with stop/start pump lever. Intake mesh filter.

Fitted with oval gear meters and an electronic unit for multiuser control and pre-selected dispensing.
Local memory capable of storing data for last 255 operations. Interfaces with PC for sending and organising data. Possibility of entering vehicle registration number, kilometres, date and time of dispensing operation.

Liquid: Diesel
Sector of application: Fuel Transfer
Flow-rate: up to 70 l/min
Accuracy: +/- 0,5%
Users: no. 120 max.

Magnetic keys (Kit keys) available for user identification.

On request: a dedicated software for printing individual summaries of dispensing details.


Part Number Description Fluids Flow Rate Voltage Pump Meter Nozzle Filter Inlet PC Users Hose
Type l/min gpm AC V/Hz DC Volt Power Watt Amp Max mod mod type H2O filter BSP Connection no. length
94-F0059400C Cube 70 MC D 70 18 230/50 900 4.2 Panth 72 K600 NO 1″ YES 50 4m 3/4″
94-F0059413B Cube 70 MC DC 12V D 56 18 12 300 35 Panth DC K600 NO 1″ YES 50 4m 1″
94-F0059414B Cube 70 MC DC 24V D 70 18 24 420 25 Panth DC K600 NO 1″ YES 50 4m 3/4″
94-F0059415B Cube 70 MC 120 UT D 70 18 230/50 550 3.3 Panth 72 K600 NO 1″ YES 120 4m 1″