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Piusi K33 – ATEX Explosion Proof Mechanical meters

K33 ATEX Mechanical meters.


The new non-commercial mechanical flow meter meets ATEX requirements for accurate metering of the dispensed quantity of fluid (petrol, kerosene, diesel fuel) in environments with a high explosion risk.

It is reliable, inexpensive and easy to install and calibrate at the place of installation. Due to its low flow resistance, it is also able to operate under gravity.

The K33 ATEX flow meter can be installed in any position on either rigid or flexible pipes or directly on pumps or tanks.

The equipment is classified as follows:
Group II, category 2 G IIB T=85°C (T6), so the flow meter is suitable for working in areas classified as 1 and 2 in accordance with directive 99/92/CE.
– 3-digit partial indicator (max. 999 litres), total 6 digits.


– Flow rates 20 – 120 l/min
– Accuracy +/- 1%
– Repeatability +/- 0.3%
– Operating pressure 3.5 bar
– Bursting pressure 28 bar


Part Number Description Flow Direction Fluids Flow Rate Pressure Inlet/Outlet
Type l/min gpm bar psi
94-F0057000A K33-ATEX Ver. A   D G K 20 – 120 5 – 32 3.5 50 1″ BSP