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Quick Lok Safety Valve

The special air control valve at the end of each hose provides improved safety and productivity.

Safety: In the Open Position the air is permitted to flow through the valve, energising the air tool. In the Closed Position the air is stopped from flowing to the air tool and the air trapped in the tool is exhausted through the integrated air diffuser at a safe sound level.

Productivity: The Safety Coupler is there when you need it and is within easy reach of the operator instead of walking up to 200m to the control valve.

Interlocking Arms Provide Connection Security
The interlocking arms are integrated with Quik Lok. In the Open Position, when air is flowing the arms are engaged with the coupled hose, which cannot be disconnected. In the Closed position, the arms are withdrawn and the Quik Lok valve releases the air from the coupled hose through the integrated diffuser. The hose can now be disconnected safely. The arms secure the hose connection without an operator fitting an additional Safety Clip. Currently the fitting of a Safety Clip is often forgotten or bypassed. Quik Lok does not require a Safety Clip allowing operators to feel safe in their working environment.