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Rectus 25KS Series

Safety Coupling Single Shut-Off

Description: Safety coupling with UltraFlo technology. High flow performance. Notable for robust design and steel sleeve used with large pneumatic consumers. Additional safety locking system. This safety lock prevents unintentional disconnection. To disconnect, the plug must first be pushed further into the coupling before it can be unlocked.

Advantages: Quality coupling with small dimensions and high flow rates. Safety locking system. Double profiled plug design against wear of material during operation.

Working Pressure:
PB = 35 bar (Brass)
PB = 70 bar (with steel body and steel seal), maximum STATIC working pressure with safety factor of 4 to 1.

Working Temperature*
-20°C up to +100°C (NBR)
-40°C up to +120/150°C (EPDM)
-15°C up to +200°C (FKM)
0°C up to +316°C (FFKM) depending on the medium.

*At a temperature below -20°C and above +100°C special seals are available on request.


Part Number Name
59-2506CF Rectus 25 KS Coupler 1/4″ FBSP
59-2506CM Rectus 25 KS Coupler 1/4″MBSP
59-2506PM Rectus 25 KS Plug 1/4″ MBSP
59-2510CF Rectus 25 KS Coupler 3/8″ FMBSP
59-2510CH Rectus 25 KS Coupler 10mm H/Tail
59-2510CM Rectus 25 KS Coupler 3/8″ MBSP
59-2510PF Rectus 25 KS Plug 3/8″ FMBSP
59-2510PH Rectus 25 KS Plug 10mm H/tail
59-2510PM Rectus 25 KS Plug 3/8″ MBSP
59-2513CM Rectus 25 KS Safety Coupler 1/2″MBSP
59-2513PM Rectus 25 KS Safety Plug 1/2″ MBSP